ICT Classes at the West Library

We have been running a free Computer Learning Project in partnership with the Working Men’s College to encourage Islington’s unemployed or economically inactive Bangladeshi women to become computer literate and to give support to help build their ICT skills to use in their everyday life. The project encouraged & empowered Bangladeshi women who have never used a computer before or have not gained the benefits that ICT skills can bring to them.

The ICT Training Project delivers basic literacy & language skills fused in the course so that participants  learn:

  • How computer functions (learning keyboard functions) – becoming computer literate;
  • Basic computing – simple word processing, use Microsoft Package etc.
  • E-technology (accessing online: internet, email) as information tool e.g. accessing information such as online newspapers from their country of origin, learn to use social networking sites e.g: Whatsapp, Instagram, Skyp, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • To use the Computer to access online services (online benefits, shopping bargains, health service information etc).
  • And Gain a certifified qualification in “Computer for Everyday Use 1” which is equivalent to a Level 1 accredited qualification.