ESOL & Functional Skills

(Part of the European Integration Fund Programme)

IBA is working in partnership work with Capacity London, an accredited ESOL and Functional Skills training provider in engaging third country nationals in achieving ESOL and Functional Skills qualifications, including successful experience of delivering training as part of EIF projects.  Through this programme each participant is supported by a dedicated Enterprise Mentor who provides personalised support according to the needs of each individual, with assistance ranging from advice on setting up their own business or becoming self – employed to engaging with local Time Banks or participating in community fund raising activities.
The Enterprise Mentors are professional Business Advisors and/or successful business people from local minority communities and provide inspiring role models for the beneficiaries.  They also facilitate group training and networking activities that are essential to elicit peer support, develop personal skills and help people become part of the community.

The European Integration Fund is a European Union programme that supports the integration of “third-country nationals” in member states.